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Christian Education

Our Christian education staff is exceptionally blessed in both the understanding and teaching of God's Word.  They employ innovative teaching skills and proven presentation techniques to help new Christians quickly and thoroughly grasp biblical truths for beginning a life with Christ.  Additionally, the Christian education staff provides various comprehensive studies of God’s word for continuing Christian maturity.  All teaching materials are designed to be informational, inspirational, age-appropriate, and transformational.
We offer opportunities (different venues and date/time slots) for joining on-going study sessions or formal classes.  Some of our courses, such as our mid-week Bible Study, are also available.  Weekly classes such as Family Church School (Sunday School) are available online as well.  Classroom only sessions include:

Contact: Dea. Will Dean or Sis. Betty Moore
Family Church School
Contact: Dea. Donald Poole Sr.
New Believers and Baptism
Contact: Sis. Elaine Parker
Small Groups
Contact: Sis. Beth Compton

Deacon Roderick Scott | Engage Champion | Contact (210) 490-2949

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