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Our Vision

Embrace the people of God to engage in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to express God’s love, to exalt God’s greatness and equip them to become effective witnesses throughout the world.

We dream of becoming a church by 2020 that is:

 C onnecting with one another and Celebrating God - God is glorified through participative worship services and Christ-Centered relationally-driven covenant groups.

 O perating as an effective ministry team - Our leaders/members function as an effective likeminded team at every level and area of ministry.

 V aluing the people of God - All who gather sense the fragrance of life and are valued as they encourage one another to participate in the journey of following Christ.

 E quipping effective witnesses - Discipleship engages people so that they are fully equipped to teach others in becoming effective witnesses.

 N urturing life change - We live in an authentic community where the means of grace are faithfully administered through expository preaching, teaching for life change and sharing the Lord’s Supper.

 A ffirming members SHAPE for service - We discover, sharpen and implement our God-given talents and gifts in ministry to each other, our community and the world.

 N ecessitating the sharing of the gospel - In our going we live out our faith by participating in servant evangelism.

 T eaming in Kingdom Building - We partner in planting and/or supporting a network of healthy growing churches, groups and individuals engaged in Kingdom building work.


Sunday School and Bible Study