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Sunday School Graduation

Christ Owned Visionaries Embracing Youth Service


Seeking the lost, embracing them with love and equipping them with God's covenant purpose.

Matt. 15:16 - "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven".

The COVEYS Youth Ministry embraces the five E’s of Covenant Community Church that will address Express - ministry, Embrace - membership, Engage - maturity, Exalt - magnification and Equip - missions. The foundation of the COVEYS ministry is built on Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:18-20. We take a holistic approach that speaks to breaking bread together in fellowship, instructing our young people in the WORD, illustrating the WORD’s function in our everyday lives through community outreach; and illuminating the WORD as our beacon of light, hope, strength and eternal life to youth who are lost in our communities. Simply put our goal is to give our youth a better understanding of being the church instead of doing church.

Our primary focus is to gather in worship, become knowledgeable of the WORD of GOD and then deploy to do the will of GOD. We accomplish this through:

· Sunday Worship Service

· Family Church School

· Mid-week Bible Study

· Quarterly Prayer Breakfasts

· Quarterly Jam Sessions

· Mission Outreach to Children’s Home, Apartment Ministry

· Community Coalitions

· Community Block Party

· Group Activities and Field Trips

Age appropriateness is vital in any ministry development and for an effective learning environment. Therefore age appropriate curriculums, classes and outings are in place at all times. At the end of each school year, there will be a rites of passage ceremony for those moving to the next group.

COVEYS’ class & activities’ structure is as follows:

· Infants 0-1

· Toddlers 2-3

· Kinder 4-5

· Primers 6-7

· Grades 3-5

· Grades 6-8

· Grades 9-12

· College Freshman and Young Careers 18-25

We conduct monthly leadership training meetings that will include our youth champions. The purpose is for effective communication between leaders, to train & mentor youth in the ways of leadership, review curriculum, activities, calendar, schedule of future events and address concerns. Because young people are rote learners, we will begin each week with a message that is repeated throughout all aspects of our youth involvement i.e. choir, dance, ushers, musicians etc. The lesson formats are handed out at our monthly training meetings.

Finally, COVEYS is not program driven, but purpose & family driven. We recognize that there are only so many hours in a day and we all have busy schedules. However, COVEYS is not a babysitting service but a youth development ministry that requires parental involvement. We are here to assist parents and youth grow together in Christ. It is our desire to have parents and youth continue to dialog long after they leave the worship and learning environments. We firmly believe that quality time spent together enhances the cohesiveness of the family unit and increases spiritual growth and maturity. To that end we are prayerfully seeking GOD to send laborers for this very worthwhile ministry. We are on a mission to be transformed witnesses of GOD’s love for the world and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save the world. We are committed to working extremely close with senior leadership in developing and deploying young people with the message of the Gospel in all areas of their life. Our goal is ultimately to give them tools for their tool bag to navigate the perils of the world, yet their witness will bring glory to our loving, sovereign GOD.


Sunday School and Bible Study